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Fwd: Abhijith PA: Application Manager report

Congrats Abhijith!

From: ChangZhuo Chen <czchen@debian.org>
Sent: 2018, നവംബർ 14 4:52:51 PM IST
To: debian-newmaint@lists.debian.org
Cc: Abhijith PA <abhijith@disroot.org>, archive-526@nm.debian.org, nm@debian.org
Subject: Abhijith PA: Application Manager report

For nm.debian.org, at 2018-11-14:
After looking at Abhijith PA <abhijith@disroot.org>'s contributions and after exchanging some emails to
get to know them a bit better, I agree with the advocate(s) that Abhijith PA <abhijith@disroot.org> can
and should indeed be a Debian Developer, uploading right now.

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