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Debconf 20/21 in India

Namaste Everyone,
The Debian India community has had discussions previously about hosting
the first DebConf at Asia in India.
We have already missed the boat to have the First DebConf in India.
But we can make the 2nd DebConf in Asia happen in India.

I am present at this year's DebConf 2018 in Taiwan.
The debconf for 2019 would be happening in Curitiba, Brazil
And I would be bidding for India as a DebConf destination for 2020 or 2021.

I have not decided up on the City or venue.
If you have any suggestions regarding the same, let us know.
The general consensus is to make it happen in Kerala or at Pune,
You are welcome to suggest alternate cities or venues for the bid.
I would be suggesting the cities but would not be giving specifics as
that is not decided yet.

Let us know about your views and opinions/questions about the same.

Raju Devidas

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