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Re: Anybody from India attending DebConf18?

Dear all,

>From what all I have understood of the process of how Debconf's are
organized, bursaries come at the fag end of the process where they
have a budget for giving accommodation and travel bursaries. The
timing differs from year to year depending upon mostly upon the local
team doing their share of the job well-in-time for the bursaries team
to be formed and for them to act on the initiative. This for any
number of reasons seems to have been delayed. From what little I know
they have started going through the bursary applications about a week
or so back so maybe we should hear from them sometime soon.

One interesting note which I would to bring to people's attention is
that it seems we cannot do submission for visa via post but would have
to travel to Delhi or have a travel agent do the same on our behalf.
The only one I used VFS doesn't work for Taiwan, there is visahq in
mumbai but would have to travel to mumbai for that :(

I was just looking through -


and see the lines -

"Visa and attestation submission
Monday-Friday, 9:00-11:00.
Visa and attestation collection
Monday-Friday, 15:30-16:30

There is no submission and collection other than the timing mentioned.

Visa Office
New Delhi
34, Pashchimi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi—110057

We don’t accept any submission by post, fax or email. Please submit
the application only at our counter.

Additional supporting documents/interview might be required on a
case-by-case basis.

駐印度代表處公告 NOTICE of TECC

Please give the invitation and other documents to the applicant for
applying visa.
We don't accept any documents by email, fax or post.

向本處遞件成功之簽證或者文件驗證申請案,本處收款後將開立收據。遞件不成功需補件者,本處會開立補件單(check up


Please note that the visa office will issue receipt for successful
submission. For the case needs more proof, we will issue "check up
list". If you have any query for the visa/attestation status, please
provide either number mentioned above.

If the case is submitted by agent, and the agent can not provide
either of the number, it means the case NEVER reach our visa office."

There is also this

I don't understand how the legalization fees would be calculated, does
anybody know ?

Legalisation fees per document (Normal) 	Rs. 900/-

just a cursory look at the number of documents seem to be crossing 7
and I'm not counting (for instance) each ITR return as a single
document . By the simple calculation, it would cost around INR 6300,
more than twice the amount for getting the visa in the first place.

Does anybody have an idea ?

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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