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Calamares Installer project needs to be translated into Indian languages.

Greetings Everyone

On September 26, the package Calamares got accepted in Debian.

It is currently available in Debian unstable/sid [4]

As the description of the package states.

Calamares is a distribution-independent installer framework.

  It provides a graphical installer that can be used with nearly any
distribution. This package is suitable for live media on Debian-based
systems, and won't be of any particular use on and already installed

  Calamares is the first Installer into Debian apart from Debian
installer. It is one of the few OS installers which is simple to use
even for newbies. While still providing enough configuration options for

This package will simplify installation of Debian/Derivatives to a great extent.

It is also a package under Fedora [5].

A lot of distributions based on Debian, Fedora, Arch, Manjaro etc have
already started using calamares as there default installer.

Calamares is a great installer, however it is lacking translations for
Indian languages.

A few of us at Hamara are already on to translating a few Indic
languages. But translating all Indic languages will require people of
the particular language to step in.
Few Indian languages which have already been added on the transifex page [3] for Calamares are Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu & Marathi .
You can request translation of calamares in your language on to calamares Transifex page.

If you are an open source contributor or translator,

I request you to consider translating Calamares into Indian languages that you know.

If you are part of a team of translators then you can request your team
to make this happen.

Understand that this contribution to calamares project will not be a contribution for any particular operating system, but for all the operating systems which use calamares installer.

We at the Hamara Linux Project are also evaluating Calamares as an
installer for Hamara Linux. And so far the evaluation is going great.

You can try a development build of Hamara here [6] to get a feel of
calamares installer. Make sure you boot into the live desktop before starting the installer.

It uses calamares Installer only when you boot live into the desktop of
it. If you start the Installation directly from outside, it will still
use Debian Installer from the outside.

We would like to see Indian languages in Calamares Installer which can
be used by Hamara as well as other distributions, may be Debian themself. (Hopefully )

If you are not a translator, but you know someone who is, let them know
about this.

You can also forward this mail to other relevant mailing lists so that
they know about this.


[1]About calamares https://calamares.io/about

[2]Git repo of calamares https://github.com/calamares/calamares

[3]Transifex page for calamares 

[4]Package details of Calamares in Debian

[5]Package details of Calamares in Fedora

[6]Development build of Hamara Sugam 2.0 with Calamares Installer


Raju Devidas

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