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Re: Adding [Debian-DUG-IN] at the beginning of a subject by default

On വെള്ളി 28 ഏപ്രില്‍  2017 11:33 രാവിലെ, Avinash Sonawane wrote:
> Hello!
> I am subscribed to handful of mailing lists and I'm sure many of you
> are too. It gets pretty overwhelming when I check my mailbox at the
> end of day or after couple of days.
> I would like to request the admins/owners to add [Debian-DUG-IN] at the
> beginning of a subject by default to easily spot the mails from
> Debian-DUG-IN list. This can be easily done by tweaking the appropriate
> Mailman settings and I can see that we are using Mailman to manage
> this list.
> What do you guys think?

Can't you use the address of the list to filter it?

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