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Re: Time to stop debian-in xmpp

On 2017, മാർച്ച് 14 10:29:00 PM IST, abhijith@openmailbox.org wrote:
>If  channel operators have time and resources to maintain it . Its

We don't have to spend any extra effort for debian-in.
>And conference.diasp.in used to have  connection problems.  It goes
>down some times . I don't think it got fixed  . 

It is in the TODO list. Problem is with internet provider. One option is to add a second provider and another is to move to a different datacenter. Adding a second ip did not work last time we tried, but I will try to follow up again. We are waiting for hamara linux release based on debian to move data center to avoid having double work. We are currently using ubuntu based Hamara Linux and debian based Hamara linux is just alpha release. But I will see if the whole vm can be moved to new data center without us having to set it up from scratch (we'll have to set old hamara from scratch and the new hamara if we move now).
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