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Re: Report: Debian Packaging Workshop at COEP

On Sunday 08 January 2017 11:04 PM, Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
> Thank you for the update and Thank you for the work all of you are
> doing for
> Debian.
> Do your students have interest in improving Indic support in Free
> Software, in
> general ?
I have big interest. My students have historically shown little
interest. We have done certain projects, for example Devanagari in

> One obvious area is translation, which I think is decent enough for Indic
> support. Another good work done is by the folks who created the Hinglish
> Keyboard Input scheme (Bolnagri).
Being engineering students, they tend to prefer more technical in nature
> But, for long, I've been curious on how we could improve other areas,
> like:
> * Indic font rendering in PDF. Should we care? Is PDF deprecated ?
> * Indic font rendering in Console and Pseudo Terminals.
We have tried this as I mentioned above.
- Abhijit

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