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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Money matters and air travel queries - 1 -2 stops and being in South Africa morning or afternoon.

On 6 May 2016 at 11:37, Bernelle Verster <bernellev@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi shirish, all
> Thanks for working this into a wiki.
>> If time is not a BIG issue, land at Johannesburg & take train to Cape
>> Town. Very cheap deal. [I evaluated this option for me virtually ;-) ]
>> Yeah it's approximately 1300 kilometers 1 way journey, but that's
>> again if you have time & interested to explore South Africa ^_^
>> South African trains should be fun but they looks expensive unlike
>> Indian trains :-) [ Must be fast & air con trains.]
> I love taking the train - shozoloza https://www.shosholozameyl.co.za/,
> but delays of about 8 hours are common, making it about a 30 hour
> journey one way. It is a great way to see South Africa cheaply, and
> feel the local vibes. Overall I would say though that unless you have
> a connecting flight from JHB to CPT (I think those are the airport
> abbreviations) or LOTS of time, then it becomes a schlep. Unless you
> have about a week to get down to Cape Town, it really is logistically
> difficult, and undue stress, so try to get directly into Cape Town.

 Read on if you are making your mind to land at Johannesburg  :-)

Found some slightly fast & reasonable [price wise] connections for you
from Johannesburg to Cape Town = i)
http://www.intercape.co.za/tickets/book-now/ , ii)
Buses looks comfortable from outside look ^_^ =
http://www.intercape.co.za/travel-information/our-vehicles/  ,

Also check if the price includes free meal/dinner/refreshments.

Lastly, don't forget to bring cocoa powder & Cocoa chocolates for me
from South Africa.  ;-)

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