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Re: Problems Upgrading My Debian System

Apologies for top posting, but I am using my mobile device right now.

My suggestion -

If you want to move to unstable, put the lines for unstable at top of sources.list.

Or use

aptitude -t unstable upgrade

IIRC, there is a log for aptitude in /var/logs. Checked it? 

Use aptitude ; it is better at resolving dependencies than apt-get. HTH

On 06-Oct-2015 7:51 pm, "Raju DV" <rajudv@openmailbox.org> wrote:
Hi all,

I am facing issues upgrading my system.

When I try to do an
apt-get upgrade

this is what I get https://paste.debian.net/314630/

The system just does not goes beyond 'Reading changelogs... Done'

I even kept my system in the same position for a night. But it was still
not proceeding further.

Following is my sources.list file https://paste.debian.net/314631/

my system was on Jessie earlier. Then I upgraded to stretch and now I am
trying to get on Sid.

Lets see how we can get it solved.


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