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minutes of minidebconf planning meetup 30-07-2015.

Hi all,
We had a minidebconf planning meetup on 30-07-2015


The following are the events that took place in the meetup :-

a. The event started around 17:30, yours truly reached the venue around 17:45
b. Raju was in full flow and started with the Debian project.
c. Me and Raju in turns shared about the Debian project in detail and
shared about number of packages, processor architectures, the Toy
Story saga and other highlights of the project.
d. Due to lack of time we weren't able to go into detail into much
detail about anything but rather gave a short overview about the
e. There was planning and these are the teams as they have been decided so far


f. Due to lack of sufficient number of people in volunteers (in part
due to perhaps the meetup happening on a workday) people double-booked
to different teams.

Ideally, it would have been better to have more people and
specifically women who were missing from the meetup. I do hope the
next meetup happens on the week-end there is an effort from the
college side to have more women show up and take responsibilities as

g. Came to know that Mangesh and his friend went to couple of colleges
and have been able to garner support from those colleges as well.
Hopefully those people do show up in the next meetup as well so we can
go all guns blazing for the minidebconf.

h. We also shared a bit about diaspora as well as hamaralinux as well
but again due to lack of time as planning had the most precedence we
weren't able to get more than a few words for each project. Hopefully
Praveen comes and we could talk about diaspora in greater detail at
the minidebconf.Same goes for hamara as well (which is in infancy as a
debian derivative).

Important things that need our attention at the moment :-

a. Sponsors
b. Speakers

If we get Sponsors, we would be able to get some Outstation Speakers
to share their expertise, enthusiasm for different parts of the
project otherwise we would have to make do with local expertise only.

In either situation, students will not suffer as Pune has enough
breath of people doing FOSS work for number of years so we would be
able to connect with whole number of them.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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