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Re: Future of Indian fonts in Debian

>>>>> "Ritesh" == Ritesh Raj Sarraf <rrs@researchut.com> writes:

    Ritesh> I see it team maintained (and that was my impression too)
    Ritesh> but from your email it does not seem to be the case ???

    Team was first me and Karthik, now a days Karthik seems to be busy
    with other works and it was me alone.

    Taking the burden of looking after so many packages alone will cause
    burnouts :-).

    I had the thinking of merging fonts into pkg-fonts team, because
    with 1/2 members doing work, team is really not helpful.

    Ritesh> I am the consumer for Devnagri fonts and the Bolnagri
    Ritesh> Keyboard layout.

    Well you are welcome to take it up :-). 

    Ritesh> If none takers, I may want to maintain but then, I'd sync up
    Ritesh> with you offline first. :-)

    Sure. If you want I can still continue to be a co-maintainer there.

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