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Regarding bidding for DebConf17 [from debutsav.in flashback archive]

Hello All,

We are now aware that debutsav.in domain & hosting is due for renewal.
Thanks Praveen for the reminder/information.

I am browsing debutsav related blogs,archives & came across Shirish's
blog = https://flossexperiences.wordpress.com/2014/10/23/debutsav-2014-experiences-day-0/

I didn't know that we are aiming to bring DebConf17 to India.
That's actually marvelous as DebConf never happened in Asia as per the
information from DebConf Wiki article =

In DebConf14 itself, 3 persons from 3 bidding locations were present.
They gave presentations at DebConf14 =

That means in Debconf15 itself, bidding for DebConf17 will happen. And
so on, any1 from Debian India community planning to attend this year's
DebConf to participate in bidding process? =

I know it's kind of too late to start discussion but still  ^_^
It seems like Debian community from Cambridge,UK has kicked off
initiative already to participate in DebConf17 bid =

Amey. [Pune city]

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