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Re: congrats Balu for 50 packages in debian

On 2015-07-04 09:24, Vasudev Kamath wrote:

Its not about having huge number of packages to maintain Bala. I've been
there and I know the problem it will cause later point (personal
experience). So think again before taking more and more packages.

Debian needs quality more than quantity.

Ofcourse, I understand that. :). That is the case with almost everything, not just Debian. These packaging were actually done part of Diaspora and GitLab packaging (both of which have pretty large number of dependencies). I think being Team maintained packages, solve the issue of maintenance to some extent (Of course, the team often face man power shortage and it requires new contributors). Also, since I would like to see both of them - GitLab and Diaspora - in Debian, I think not helping just because the number of packages became large, is not right. At least for Team maintained packages. I think solution to shortage in manpower for maintaining package is not to stop packaging necessary stuff, but getting more committed contributors interested in Debian. :)

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion. I'll keep it in mind and try to maintain these packages properly. :)
Balasankar C

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