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comments on website http://in2015.mini.debconf.org/


Website http://in2015.mini.debconf.org/ looks great!

...unfortunately it only works with javascript enabled - else it is 
completely void of information.  A simple fix is to add this to CSS:

.no-js .pre-loader {
  display: none;

Even with above CSS fix schedule and other important info is still 
hidden when viewed without Javascript.  I suspect similar CSS fixes are 
possible - best is probably to locate the places you added fancy fade-in 
and prefix that those in the static CSS with ".js".

Quotes are rather big, and rotates fast.  I suggest to a) shorten them 
more aggressively (and drop those that are really not quotes but 
duplicates of the speaker presentations right above), and b) double the 
rotation timer.

CC gif at the bottom is blurred.  I suggest to adjust CSS to present it 
at (not 100px as presently, but) 80px width as it was designed for.

Enjoy the mini-debconf!

 - Jonas

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