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[MiniDebConfIN] Contacts

Get me some contacts to put up on the contact us page of the site.
Following contacts would be required.

*   2 or 3 co-ordinators (students)
*   Staff Co-ordinator (Someone from the faculties)
*   2 for speakers Contacts(Any body who wants to present can contact these)
*   Marketing & Sponsors (For the sponsors to contact you.
*  Handles of our Social networks. We already have on diaspora, can we
also have it on    twitter,      facebook, identi.ca, Google+, and
others you can think of. We need to promote the event to  as much no.
of people as possible.

राजु देविदास विंदाने
Raju Devidas Vindane
Department of IT
Dhole Patil College of Engineering,
Savitribai Phule Pune University

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