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Re: [MiniDebConfIn] Site Design


I'm sure Roopak would've taken note of this.

On Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 12:37 AM, Raju Vindane <rajuvindane@gmail.com> wrote:

3. Pictures of the Speakers. I know that the speakers are not yet
confirmed. But we know that atleast Praveen & Shirish will take
sessions..  If you know any other confirmed speakers Please send there
images to.
Have you received any pictures yet ? You can find their photos from websites of some of previous conference where they spoke. For instance Praveen's photo can be found on the NIT-C FOSSmeet website[1], if it's okay to use again. You can always ping them personally if things still don't work :) 

4. Logos of the sponsors if possible.
This will definitely take time. I think you should go ahead ignoring these for now. You can add the logos of the sponsors later. I hope you can add these later on. 

I will keep adding up to this list if any thing else is required.
Please feel free to do so :) 

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