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summary about today's meet - 8/08/2014

Hi all,
We started the meet at 18:20 and these were the things discussed :-

1. Harish was in a bit of fix as to what the budgets should be based
on which we could talk with sponsors.

2. Praveen shared you could start with travel expenses as the bare
minimum for speakers with optionals for food, accommodation etc.

3. Preferably, the budget has the minimum + optional parts shown as
different expenses so we could have the event regardless of how much
sponsorship we are able to have.

4. I shared that we would need to have a slot or two open for the
sponsors who could share on their FOSS work. Would be a good platform
to have potential hirers too.

5. Harish has been able to get some talks from within the campus
informally. He is yet to publish a CfP (Call for Papers/Call for Talks
and workshops). Hopefully by the end of this week or next,  he could
give a call for Papers/Talks.

6. For the budget I have suggested to have to have travel expenses,
food and accommodation of 8-10 people from to and fro from the venue
(rail tickets) as an starting expense item. As an aficionado of Indian
Railways the longest rail ride in India is from Dibrugarh (near Assam)
to Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu). It's one of the train journeys I want to
take sometime in my life but not to digress further hence stop here.

Having 10 people's to and fro train tickets between the two end-points
a three-tier sleeper class could be taken as a base. From there he
could calculate food (probably non-veg as that is a bit more expensive
than vegetarian fare) and accommodation on top of it. Not sure about
accommodation as the University is supposed to be in a remote area so
probably use some University rooms or something. Harish, please
clarify if it's the same.

That should make Harish's job a little easier to start with at least
on the budgeting department.

7. Harish has made a sponsorship brochure which he will send to me and
Praveen off-list. We could study it over the week-end, see if there
are any missing details, spelling or grammatical errors or anywhere
where we could provide any value input and then probably by middle of
the week or something, make the sponsorship brochure public.

8. Joonas ( a friend and a Debian Developer, works on freedombox and
shares insight how to set up mail servers with latest security
extensions :) ) shared how he followed the preparations of the Spanish
mini-debconf which was held couple of months earlier. I/We are
supposed to get in touch with one of the organizers. Some of the
preparations are shared public-ally on
http://llistes.cpl.upc.edu/listinfo/debian-miniconf . Will know
further once we have some insights from the organizers.

9. Next meeting is on Friday the 15th of August.

Till l8er.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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