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Re: Can we do a debian event this weekend?

2012/4/23 Praveen A <pravi.a@gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I will be in Kerala this weekend and was wondering if we can do a
> debian event during my stay there. I can take debian packaging
> sessions on Sunday if there is a lab available. It would be good if
> there is some volunteers to cover basics of free software, gnu/linux,
> command line and debian on Saturady. If is it close to Palakkad
> (Malappuram, Thrissur or Kozhikode), it would be convenient for me.
> Let me know if anyone is keen on doing this.

With help from awesome folks at MES Kuttippuram we are doing it!
See details http://wiki.debian.org/DebianIndia/DebianUtsavam2012

Thanks to Haris also for offering a place at his home :)

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