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Re: Where are the updates?? (MiniDebconf Mangalore Edition)

On 11/01/11 17:43, Mahesh T. Pai wrote:
> Hi.
> No updates on the MiniDebConf?? 
> Hope all went fine. 
> I had not even hinted at participation. Turns out that my decision was
> right (on a purely personal note). Confirming my premonition, the
> grapevine has affirmed that I will be transferred this week end /
> early next week, so, need to tie up loose ends at my workplace.
> Uncertainity + need to move + bad schedules @ work = no time for hobby.
Live updates were posted via diaspora
https://poddery.com/u/minidebconfindia and it was embedded on event
website. Detailed blogs will come this week when people get some time to
sit down and write. All Mangalore folks should share their experience
via blogs (most of us would do it anyway).


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