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My own plans for travelling to Mini-Debconf

Just for the record, here are my travel plans for Mini-Debconf in
Mangalore (flights are booked...) :

Paris-London (British Airways) : D Oct 24 8:15
                                 A Oct 24 8:45
London-Mumbai (British Airways): D Oct 24 11:05
                                 A Oct 25 00:40
Mumbai-Mangalore (Jet Airways) : D Oct 25 09:20
                                 A Oct 25 10:40

Mangalore-Mumbai (Jet Airways) : D Oct 31 14:55
                                 A Oct 31 16:15
Mumbai-London (BA)             : D Nov 1  02:45
                                 A Nov 1  07:10
London-Paris  (BA)             : D Nov 1  09:30
                                 A Nov 1  11:55

My plans for 25-26-27 (the days before the mini-Debconf) are not made
yet. I travel early enough to be able to do sightseeing in the
neighbourhood (assuming I can find a place to stay and a way to move
around : renting a car and booking an hotel is in the plans).

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