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Re: Waiting for blogs from everyone who came for minidebconf

My blog is here. Memorable Mini DebConf India 2011 tour of Kerala for last 3 days - http://ur1.ca/403dt

On Apr 25, 2011 11:03 AM, "Praveen A" <pravi.a@gmail.com> wrote:

[Folow ups on in.mini]


I would like to hear from everyone who came for the event. How did you like it, what worked, what did not work, things to take care of for next event, plans for maintaining packages, plans for teaching more people packaging etc.

Please blog about it and share your links here. If you don't blog yet, it would be a good time to start. I suggest wordpress.com, it is Free Software and I use it for my blog j4v4m4n.in

For updates about the event for those who missed it


And same tag for identi.ca http://identi.ca/tag/<tagname>
And for twitter http://twitter.com/search?q=%23<tagname>

I hope it was useful to people who attended. Now looking forward to your contributions and inititive to bring more people. It is a community project and the stronger the community, the better we become.

I really enjoyed and like the enthusiasm (even over enthusiasm to file rfps :) ). Thanks to Jishnu, Sajjad, Manu, Musafir, Sajith sir and everyone who made this a memorable event. Also to Bhushan, Abhishek and Ranjan who came all the way from Mangalore, even standing in a train, their enthusiasm really cheered up everyone. Also thanks to Raju sir and all participants for making the event interactive and fun.

Also for Vasudev Kamath for coordinating third day over irc.


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