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Re: events in Ireland, visitors from Kosovo

I've not really come across any significant free software events in
Ireland - perhaps someone else has some suggestions?

Of the other events I've been to, UXDX - https://uxdxconf.com/ was
worthwhile last year, and I'm planning to attend again this year.

It's €450, and has little relevance to Debian, per se, but is good for
general dev and UX thoughts. Perhaps the organisers would be up to
sponsoring their attendance - if you think it might be worthwhile I can
ask them.

Also, if they do come to Dublin we have enough room for one for a few
nights (or perhaps for all three if we kicked #1 son out of his large
room :-).


On Mon, 2018-05-28 at 14:47 +0200, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Hi all,
> I noticed that Ireland has exempted[1] visa fees for visitors from
> Kosovo, which appears a lot more positive than the "hostile environment"
> attitude elsewhere.
> Debian has 3 women (Elena, Enkelena and Diellza) doing GSoC in Kosovo
> this year. Google contributes toward the cost for them to visit events,
> sometimes Debian funds are also involved.  The money goes further if
> there is no visa fee.
> Is anybody aware of events that may be interesting for them?  It doesn't
> have to be during GSoC, it could be an event later in the year or early
> next year.  It doesn't have to be a Debian event either but it would be
> helpful if they could meet some more Debian people.
> If it is in Dublin then there is at least one place they can potentially
> stay free of charge as well, so they may only need to request budget for
> the flights.
> Regards,
> Daniel
> 1. http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Pages/Fees
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