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Re: encouraging events?


Ok investigating further, assuming 30+ people:

* Dublin is easy to get to, but we'd have to hire a venue (or find one;
I'm not in Dublin to do so).
* In Galway, I can simply book the University IT Dept over a weekend.
This would be good for
Wifi and breakout rooms as well as lecture theatre(s)
* We would have contacts in Google, MongoDB (TenGen), ICHEC, HP, ... who
would make good sponsors
* Contact ILUG (Irish Linux Users Group), sync with them ?

Outside holiday season, there would be hostels in Galway. St Patricks
weekend, Dublin - maybe not.


On 13/06/2016 20:48, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> On 13/06/16 12:27, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> > Hi Daniel
> > I still think its possible, I've got a tentative OK from my
> > employer to use our  Grand Canal Docks offices (for small numbers)
> > and can arrange larger numbers at the university in Galway.
> > (for small numbers ~10, maybe 20).
> > Any ideas as to how many we might get?
> Cambridge, Paris and Lyon have attracted over 100 people
> The recent MiniDebConf in Vienna had about 30 people.
> > There is an active CompSoc at NUIG who would be willing to help,
> > too
> As I mentioned before, I'm personally happy with either location.
> Some other people may have a preference for Dublin, maybe it would be
> useful to consult the mailing list
> If people can fly into Shannon airport, is it much trouble for them to
> reach Galway?
> Other things that will help:
> - promoting it will in advance, then some people may come from further
> away, like the US
> - trying to get some keynote speaker or guest speaker
> - aligning it with other events in the region - St Patrick's day
> weekend would be a major drawcard for people from abroad, but if there
> is some local event on some other weekend that could also be a good
> way to give exposure to Debian.  For example, the Vienna MiniDebConf
> was run together with the LinuxWochen.at conference, at the same venue
> and this meant that many local people saw Debian stuff happening there.
> Regards,
> Daniel

Alastair McKinstry, <alastair@sceal.ie>, <mckinstry@debian.org>,
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