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Hi guys, we can sync-up and meet using IRC on our channel - #debian-ie on OFTC

Or maybe set up FOSDEM-specific channel, how about #fosdem-debian on Freenode?

See you around,


On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 5:33 PM, Martín Ferrari <tincho@tincho.org> wrote:
On 31/01/14 14:08, Martin Naughton wrote:
> Is anyone at FOSDEM this year? Just arrived for the beer event tonight.
> Would be good to have other irish supporters

While I am not Irish, I will be there. In fact, I am about to leave for
the Delirium. Probably I will not stay there late, as it gets too crazy.

Traditionally, the Debian crowd used the Monk as the backup bar, but I
don't know if we're going there or not...

Martín Ferrari

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