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Re: Adding loong architecture to dpkg


We hope that the arch name can use loongarch64, mainly based on the following considerations:
1. The current upstream compilers gcc, llvm, etc. use loongarch64.
2. The current upstream kernel uses loongarch64.
3. At present, there is no special convention for the length of the architecture name. If loong64 is used, it is easier to be confused with the previously used loongarch64.

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> 发件人: "Guillem Jover" <guillem@debian.org>
> 发送时间:2022-10-08 20:16:35 (星期六)
> 收件人: debian-dpkg@lists.debian.org
> 抄送: JiaLingZhang <zhangjialing@loongson.cn>, "桑猛" <sangmeng@loongson.cn>
> 主题: Adding loong architecture to dpkg
> Hi!
> I think most parts are ready now upstream, for Debian AFAIUI the
> missing piece is a newer glibc currently sitting in experimental.
> If you want to get this added, it would be nice to do so before the
> Debian release freeze, or you'll not be able to later add some of the
> support to other packages or infrastructure in Debian if the version
> of dpkg in Debian stable does not support it too. (I mean we can
> always add it in a stable update, but I'd rather avoid it.)
> For dpkg the usual procedure to add it is described here:
> <https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Dpkg/FAQ#Q._Can_we_add_support_for_new_dpkg_architectures.3F>
> So we'd need to make clear what ABI this is going to describe, etc.
> And then agree on the arch name. My main concern as I've pointed out
> elsewhere at least in [D] and [L] is the "arch" part in the name,
> similar to other distributions such as Gentoo (AFAIR). Depending on
> whether you'd want also an 32-bit arch, we might want to suffix with
> 64, etc.
> [D] https://github.com/guillemj/dpkg/pull/6
> [L] https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=989125#15
> Thanks,
> Guillem

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