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Re: Support for optional substvars

Guillem Jover:
> Hi Niels!
> Several months ago you asked on IRC about extending the substvars file
> format to be able to mark substvars as optional (so that they would not
> warn in case they end up not being used, like how several of the built-in
> ones are handled). At the time I mentioned that I'd need to ponder about
> it but had no energy (or motivation) do work on stuff.
> I've not forgotten about it, and it has been on the back of my head,
> and I've been converging on using «?=» as operator. Then rechecked the
> IRC logs, and noticed that was exactly one of the formats you proposed
> at the time (so either it stuck in the background and subconsciously
> surfaced, or I came to the same conclusion :). In any case, I've prepared
> the attached patch, which I'd be happy to include for 1.21.8, in case
> something like this works for you?
> Thanks,
> Guillem

Hi Guillem,

Thanks for coming back to me on this. :)

I would definitely still love to have this feature, so please do go
ahead with it if you are okay with it. :)  I will look into making
debhelper support/understand the new syntax soon.


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