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Proposed src/configure.c Patch


I am helping write a GUI APT frontend and we wanted to add proper conffile support, preferably be providing our own GUI alert with the possible actions. I had realized that the best way to do that would be to add an option to DPKG that allows a custom program to be specified to be used instead of the default prompt when replacing conffiles. In src/configure.c, the function deferred_configure_conffiles() calls promptconfaction(). promptconfaction() runs the function show_prompt() and parses the result. My patch will modify promptconfaction() to execute an external program and parse the result of that instead of the show_prompt() function. However before I started writing anything I wanted to know if this is something that could be upstreamed, and if you have any ways to improve this idea.

Thank you,
Cameron Katri

Cameron Katri
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