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dpkg -V behavior (was Re: dpkg)


[ This looks more like a user support inquiry, for which
  debian-user@lists.debian.org would be more appropriate, but this is
  then about Mint. :D Also HTML mails are in general frowned upon. :) ]

On Sun, 2022-01-30 at 12:16:46 +0100,      wrote:
> I have Linux Mint 22   What is  difference between   dpkg -V   and
> for pkg in $(dpkg -l | grep ^ii | awk {'print $2'}); do
> dpkg -V $pkg; done

You could use «sort» and «diff -u» to see the actual difference
between both. But here I assume the problem is that you are in one
case filtering for installed packages, so packages in config-files
state will not be listed. If you remove the grep, both should in
theory show the same entries.

Was perhaps the man page not clear enough? If so, would including an
explicit mention that packages in config-files (or similar) are also
verified have helped?


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