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Re: Fwd: How to injecting user-defined fields in binary package control files

On Tue, 2021-05-25 at 09:24:17 +0100, Nicholas Brown wrote:
> It's possible to add user-defined fields in the debian/control file using
> the `XBS-` method, as defined in the Policy Manual[1].
> Something like this before calling dpkg-buildpackage will work to inject a
> new field into both the Source and Binary packages. But some packages don't
> contain debian/control as they generate it (kernel etc) so this is not
> always reliable.

All source packages must contain a debian/control, and all binary
packages that can be generated should be listed in it, so the list of
binary packages must not be autogenerated at build-time.

For Debian this is explicitly disallowed by the ftp-masters:


For dpkg usage outside Debian, generating or updating parts of the
debian/control file during the build process (from within debian/rules)
might work, depending on the changes, but it can also make some tools

> ```
> sed -i "0,/^\s*$/s//XBS-Git-Branch: ${CI_COMMIT_BRANCH}\n/" debian/control
> dpkg-buildpackage
> ```
> It's also possible to inject the user-defined field into the generated
> source package using options passed to dpkg-source[2]:
> ```
> dpkg-buildpackage --source-option=-DGit-Branch=${CI_COMMIT_BRANCH}
> ```
> However, that will only inject the field into the generated source package,
> not the generated binary packages. Is there a method to reliably inject
> fields into the binary packages?

Because binary package generation is currently off-loaded to
debian/rules, the dpkg tools driving the build externally have no way
to affect those fields. So your best way would be to automatically
modify the source package before the build, yes.


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