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Re: How make my ROP for use dpkg ?

On Mon, 2021-04-19 at 09:19:37 +0300, Alexander wrote:
> I make rop (suid root) for packing to .deb my programs.
> But see system rights problems when try run dpkg.

I'm not sure what rop is? But it looks like perhaps some kind of sudo

> As resolve in Debian this problem ?

I don't understand the problem, so it's difficult to say.

> Rop very just:
> program rop;
> uses Unix;
> begin
> if ParamCount < 1 then Halt;
> fpSystem(ParamStr(1));
> end.

What language is that? And why is this relevant?

> If I run rop whoami then result "root".
> If I run rop dpkg -i myprogram.deb then result rights error.

What error?

> How to provide rop with all necessary rights? Need more than set
> uid/gid root ?

I have no idea what this is all about to be honest. :)

In any case if you are trying to use a sudo-like program, I'd
recommend instead to set the Rules-Requires-Root field to no, to avoid
needing any root privileges, and otherwise if you still need those,
I'd recommend using fakeroot instead.


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