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Re: Enabling -ffile-prefix-map by default

[moving Lucas to BCC]

Hi Guillem,

> I don't see either an issue with whether the bugs have been filed or
> not, but I think that's just part of the conversation with
> debian-devel at large (which I doubt would be a matter of contention
> there either).

Judging by some emails flying past my inbox, I think Vagrant has filed
these bugs since my previous mail, which I suppose makes things a
little simpler.

Anyway, great, am looking forward to seeing this conversation start on
debian-devel. I agree that there is unlikely to be little contention,
if any.

(Thanks again to Lucas for running the tests. Assuming that you that
no longer need to receive these process updates, I've moved you to
BCC faute de mieux.)


    ⬋   ⬊      Chris Lamb
   o     o     reproducible-builds.org 💠
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