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DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS per debian/rules target?


I've been unsuccessful in having different 'hardening' settings for different
parts of the build process of one package.  In this specific example,
part of the build is Linux host programs, where "hardening=+all" should be
enabled.  The other part of the same package build is cross-compiling USB device
firmware using gcc-arm-none-eabi.  As the target does not support stack smashing
protection, I need to specify hardening=-stackprotector

The specific package in question can be found at
a build log showing the problem when hardening=+all is enabled for the full project:

I've so far tried:
* introducing override_dh_autobuild which depends on different Makefile targets
* use target-specific 'export' statements
* pass DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS as make variable to explicit 'make fw' and 'make utils'
* some other variations of the above

However, I failed.  With pure open source projects for (OSHW or not) peripherals,
I think the situation is not so uncommon: Building host tools and cross-compiling
device firmware in the same upstream package.

How to best solve this?


p.s.: I'm not subscribed to this list, please keep me in Cc of any responses.

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