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Re: Recurse depends from archive snapshot

Hi David,

Quoting Dave Schile (2019-10-10 20:00:26)
> I'm not trying to re-implement apt.  I'd actually like to use the apt and
> dpkg libs.  I'd like to use it in an 'offline' manner.  Meaning, outside of
> debian container or environment.  I'm attempting to build debian containers
> without the need to run the docker daemon.  managing deb package dependencies
> has been a difficult part of this.

I suspect that indeed all the tools you need already exist and we just need to
figure what exactly it is you want to do.

If you want to build containers or chroots without network connection you have
to first create an offline mirror somewhere in your network. Is this what you
want to do?

Tool like debootstrap already allow you to build your own chroots. By figuring
out which packages debootstrap installs you can easily fill your own offline
cache with the right packages.

You can also use apt to create a custom mirror for you. This script is doing
exactly that in the function update_cache():


> Thanks for your `dose-ceve` idea.  The graphing capability is really cool.
> If anyone has ideas or insights about graphing package dependencies without a
> specific cache, I'd really appreciate it!

That's exactly what dose-ceve does. It can graph package dependencies without a
specific cache. Just pass it any Packages file.


cheers, josch

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