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Allowing a distribution's Dpkg::Vendor::* to completely remove all build flags

I'm working on a Debian-based distribution (not Debian-derived since
I'm recreating all source packages from scratch; but I am sticking to
a lot of the Debian conventions as far as package naming).  Right now
it's just for me, though in the future I might consider making it
public.  The basic idea of the distribution is that I want it to use
as few patches as possible to the upstream sources - to the point that
if a non-essential package currently doesn't build without patches,
then I'll refuse to package it at all, or I'll remove it after a
probation period.  I also want to stick as close as possible to the
default builds of each package, e.g. use a minimum of explicit
configure script flags.  (Modulo requirements from other packages,
e.g. in pcre I'm forced to enable the non-default UTF8 support so that
glib will function.  And this does unfortunately mean that the system
is using /usr/lib64.)

However, I've discovered that on my custom system, debhelper currently
sets empty environment variables for CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, LDFLAGS, etc.
which results in decidedly non-default builds for many packages.  So,
I think what I would want would be that my Dpkg::Vendor::UnFrobbed
module would cause dpkg-buildflags to return no output at all, not
just empty output for each variable.

Given that, would it make sense to add interfaces in Dpkg::BuildFlags
to remove all entries entirely from the internal hash tables, and/or
to remove one particular entry?
Daniel Schepler

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