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Re: Bug#931670: apt uses yellow for warnings

Control: reassign dpkg 1.19.7

On Tue, Jul 09, 2019 at 01:52:05AM -0400, Lady Aleena wrote:
> While I was running apt autoremove, I saw a warning. I did not know it was a
> warning at first because I could not read the bright yellow text. I use a
> terminal emulator with a white background. Bright yellow is the only color
> that causes problems on a white background.

The warning is produced by dpkg – apt just tells dpkg to color its output
by default – so I am reassigning to dpkg for them to deal with it.

Still, thanks for the report & I hope something can be done about this.
I intend to follow as apt might color more of its output someday and
would eventually run into the same problems then.

Best regards

David Kalnischkies

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