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Re: Packing my module for debian

* Sundaresh Venugopal:

> I have designed a perfect hash library, which features both ordered(gather)
> and unordered(scatter) hashing.Ordered hash functions preserve the sorted
> (partial)order of the keys, while minimizing collisions. Ordered (fixed
> length)string hashing is also included.Unordered perfect hash functions are
> included as well. I need help to package this for debian.

debian-dpkg is not really the right list for such requests.  I'm not
really up-to-date regarding Debian sources for new maintainers, but
this page is probably a good starting point:


You can also ask on IRC, the channels is #debian-mentors on

There is also <https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMentorsFaq>.

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