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Escape from Alioth accomplished


So, after considering the options [O] I went with moving the bulk of
the hosting into the www.dpkg.org and the new git.dpkg.org sites,
hosted on my personal server.

  [O] <https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Dpkg/AliothEscape>

My rationale for not using salsa.debian.org as the canonical hosting
is as follows:

  * URL change fatigue, and a switch from the current-at-the-time
    generic URLs to service specific ones, which means that iff salsa
    gets decommissioned we'll be having to switch URLs yet again. I'm
    still hunting down places with the old URLs. :/ For packaging projects
    this might be ok, for an upstream project I find this to be very
  * The new hosting is dpkg-related, and not user-specific, and while
    I'm currently managing the hosting, the DNS is controlled by DSA,
    so in case I'd go AWOL it could be moved elsewhere easily.
  * It makes it slightly less Debian-centric, given that dpkg is being
    used in many other places, and this is already a direction I've been
    taking the project towards anyway.
  * It allows for easy restructuring with path/URL aliases in perpetuity.
  * GitLab notifications:
    - with pushes with more than 20 commits its metadata gets clamped,
      AFAIK this affects both commit mails and KGB. I think this is a
      global site setting.
    - very annoying 1 commit mail per push.
  * salsa or other mirrors can still be used for some of its features,
    or to ease others to fork, although not as the canonical repo URLs.

The hosting is currently in my personal server, which is on a residential
semi-dynamic IP. I'll be monitoring it to see how much load it gets, and
might need to find better hosting if that gets out of hand. DSA were not
happy about hosting these themselves, and not thrilled on the DNS change
either, but accepted it nonetheless, so thanks to them for that!

The current TLS config might be too stringent, it only accepts TLSv1.2,
I could lower it if people report client issues.


The main repositories can be browsed (and cloned) from
«https://git.dpkg.org/cgit/dpkg/${project}.git»;, or cloned from

The repos get mirrored automatically on push into
«https://salsa.debian.org/dpkg-team/${project}»;, and I might add
additional mirrors in the future. But I'd not guarantee the permanency
of any of the non-main repos.

The old anonscm.debian.org URLs redirect to the salsa repos, and I've
got additional backwards compat support committed into the redirector,
but it's not entirely clear for how long the redirector will keep

The main CI used is still at
«https://jenkins.grml.org/view/Debian/job/dpkg-binaries/»; which holds
permanent artifacts for the latest builds (thanks to Mika Prokop for
the service and updates). I will probably add additional GitLab CI


I've added git restricted ssh access for Sven and Helge, as the ones
who already had push access that are subscribed to the mailing list and
very much on top of things. I'm probably going to be reluctant to add
new push access, though.

There's a dpkg/playground.git repo you can play with to see whether the
setup works for you, etc. This one sends commit mails to all current
users with push access.

The push URL is <ssh://git.dpkg.org/git-dpkg/dpkg/${repo}.git>.


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