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Re: Proposal: A new approach to differential debs

On Sun, Aug 13, 2017 at 08:24:27PM -0400, Peter Silva wrote:
> o in spite of being the *default*, it isn't that universal, and in
> any event, we can just decide to change the default, no? One can say
> to people with bandwidth limitations, that their apt settings should
> not delete packages after receipt, so that they can be used as the
> basis for updates.  And these types of settings would appear to be
> rather common already, so it isn't a huge change.

We also have to consider embedded devices. I was told there are small
embedded devices with really slow connections around that run debian
and automatically update using apt - we don't want those to have to
keep around old packages either.

And quite practically speaking, I do not want to keep around packages
on my system, but I do want deltas, because at 10 Mbit/s, it's a pain
to upgrade. I also want to keep my /var small, so I have actually usable
space rather than duplicate of files.

But since deltas require implementation in dpkg, it's not my
decision anyway, it's guillem's. I'm just proposing ideas that
seem reasonable.

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