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Bad interaction between pbuilder/debhelper/dpkg-buildinfo/dpkg-genchanges and dak on security-master


I recently had a problem with an upload to the archive, likely due to bad
interaction between the tooling I use to build packages and the archive

I usually build my packages using pbuilder, with SOURCE_ONLY_CHANGES=yes in
.pbuilderrc, so pbuilder will ask to generate a _source.changes along with the
_<arch>.changes files.

When uploading to the archive, I do a complete (meaning arch-any + arch-all)
build to be sure, then upload only the _source.changes so everything gets
rebuilt by the autobuilders. It worked just fine for every upload I did to sid
and experimental.

However, I recently did that for an upload targeted at stretch-security, and
unfortunately this caused a problem on security-master, where dak couldn't
process the build by the amd64 autobuilder because an _amd64.buildinfo file
was already present. It was part of my upload because it was included in the
_source.changes file generated during the pbuilder run.

I'm not completely sure what needs fixing here, but:

- when doing a complete build, something will generate a _<arch>.buildinfo
file (using dpkg-genbuildinfo), maybe its part of debhelper, I'm not sure what
control I, dpkg or pbuilder have on this;
- nothing generates a _source.buildinfo file;
- when pbuilder generates the source changes file, it calls dpkg-genchanges -S
after the build, which apparently includes any buildinfo file unconditionnaly

So few questions:

- would it make sense to have a _source.buildinfo when building a package?
- would it make sense to not include _<arch>.buildinfo when generating a
- should the archive accept a _source.changes file with arch specific stuff
inside (it's does currently, although the security archive failed later)?

I yet didn't file any bug (to pbuidler, debhelper or dpkg-dev) because I'm
really unsure where the problem(s) lies.

Any help appreciated here. Please keep on CC, I'm not subscribed to debian-
devel anymore.


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