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Taking over dupload under the Dpkg Developers umbrella


I recently asked Josip Rodin (and Frank Lichtenheld who never
replied), whether he'd be fine with a maintainership transfer.

He agreed, so this is just a notice letting the list know that I'll
be folding dupload into the dpkg toolset.

I'll do an initial upload fixing long-standing issues that might
qualify for stretch, and leave bigger changes for buster. I'll
also be waiting for a proper git tree until I've got confirmation
from both Heiko and Josip that the ancient source packages are
available or not, so that I can prepare a richer import.

For now there will be a temporary repo with the changes in
<https://git.hadrons.org/cgit/wip/debian/dupload.git/>, on pu/master
which will be rebased as necessary, and possible future changes in


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