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Re: Idea: sbuild/pbuilder "--dgit" option


Quoting Ian Jackson (2016-12-15 21:25:53)
> dgit has wrappers for lots of build tools, including sbuild,
> git-buildpackage, dpkg-buildpackage, and hopefully soon pbuilder
> (#844125).
> This is because the default ignore rules (in dpkg-source) ignore
> .gitignore, but dgit needs the source package to contain (any changes
> to) .gitignore.  So dgit arranges that (if you use dgit to do the
> build-for-upload) dpkg-source gets passed -i\.git/ -I.git.
> Having dgit users have to use dgit as the way to invoke their builder
> is undesirable.  It means a bigger disruption to their workflow and
> adds yet another layer to what is often quite a tall stack.
> What would you think (particularly, sbuild and pbuilder folks) about a
> supporting a --dgit option ?  The effect would be to pass -i\.git/
> -I.git to dpkg-source.  (Possibly there might be other effects which
> would be desirable, but this is the only essential one for those two
> tools I think.)

sbuild already has an option to do just that:

    $ sbuild --dpkg-source-opts="-i\.git/ -I.git" ...

Or by putting the following in the config file:

    $dpkg_source_opts = ["-i\\.git/", "-I.git"];

(hope I got all the backslash escaping right there).

Unfortunately, typing this is much more involved than just putting --dgit but
maybe we can do even better. I wonder:

 - are there other git-based workflows than dgit which need these cleaning
   options? Then the option name could be picked to be more general and not
   dgit specific

 - is there a reliable and future-proof way for sbuild/pbuilder to auto-detect
   that they are working on a dgit package? Maybe by examining the Vcs-Git
   field? Then they could pick the right options for dpkg-source automatically.

Otherwise (and also being a dgit user myself) I'm open to adding a --dgit
option to sbuild. I'd just want to hear your ideas about the above first
because I don't want to add an option just to deprecate it one release later.


cheers, josch

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