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Re: Intent to commit craziness - source package unpacking


Quoting Ian Jackson (2016-10-04 18:55:14)
> Russ Allbery writes ("Re: Intent to commit craziness - source package unpacking"):
> > If sbuild is now at the point where you can just apt-get install sbuild,
> > run a single setup command, and be ready to build packages (which is where
> > cowbuilder is right now), I personally would be happy to use something
> > that's a bit closer to what the buildds are doing.
> There is sbuild-setupchroot or something.  I do find that I don't want
> it because I like fiddling with the config, so I just use lower level
> commands myself.

to answer above questions:

sbuild supports multiple backends. The default backend is schroot. How to get
from "apt-get install sbuild" to actually building packages depends on the
backend used. For the default schroot backend, sbuild provides the
sbuild-createchroot tool which runs debootstrap and creates a schroot config
file. So if you stay with the defaults, then you run:

$ apt-get install sbuild
$ sbuild-createchroot unstable /srv/chroot/unstable-amd64
$ sbuild mypackage.dsc

The sbuild version in stable also requires you to generate a gpg keypair
(instructions are at https://wiki.debian.org/sbuild) but this inconvenience was
dropped when squeeze (which had a too-old apt) reached end of life this year.

If you use another backend than schroot (like lxc, qemu or ssh) you are so far
on your own with preparing the build chroot.

Please report any wishlist bugs that would make your life with sbuild easier in
the Debian bts.


cheers, josch

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