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Re: symbolic link size

> The Cydia developer Jay Freeman, reported this same problem to me on
> IRC (with an additional affected project [G]). It seems it does not
> affect Android M, only Android N so it would seem to be a regression?

Not sure, I've seen bits of information that seem to suggest that this
change comes from Google's ext4 patch for file-based encryption.
Whether that is true, I don't know.
> The point of the code was to reduce the complexity, which is
> something
> that can be assumed from POSIX, and to detect bogus filesystem code,
> or possible race conditions while dealing with symlinks that might
> change for whatever reason under dpkg feet. I guess I went for the
> most strict implementation mostly as matter of defensive programming.

I did not see this relationship being mentioned in POSIX, only a
greater or equal one. Therefore I agree that a less strict
implementation may be better.


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