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Re: Bug#843791: ghc: builds fail on hurd-i386: /usr/bin/ld: -r and -pie may not be used together

Control: reassign -1 libdpkg-perl


Guillem Jover, on Thu 10 Nov 2016 06:41:22 +0100, wrote:
> Ok, could you try the following patch for the specs files?

Yep, it fixes the issue, thanks!
Thus reassigning to libdpkg-perl.

> > I'm however surprised that dpkg adds -pie on hurd-i386 too: AIUI hurd's
> > gcc does have pie enabled by default too.
> Very unfortunately nope, supposedly only architectures for which
> porters requested it to be enabled, which means we have a mess of
> arches that do PIE by default and others that do not. :(
>   <https://sources.debian.net/src/gcc-6/6.2.0-13/debian/rules.defs/#L1261>


> If you request it to be enabled on Hurd (which I think would be way
> ideal), please let me know and I'll mark it as such in dpkg-dev. :)

I'm a bit balanced. I usually prefer to follow other archs because that
means fewer bad surprises like this one. On the other hand gdb currently
doesn't properly read our core files when the binary is PIE, we have
some bug to fix there.


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