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Re: Problems with man/po/de.po in the repository?


On Sun, 2016-11-06 at 06:32:45 +0100, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> you updated man/po/de.po in the repository:
> git diff -r 53392da21859b4df51cb19b6c880f2f06135eca7 de.po
> -"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-11-05 18:00+0100\n"
> +"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-10-16 22:55+0200\n"
> -#: deb.man deb822.man deb-buildinfo.man deb-changelog.man deb-changes.man
> +#: deb.man deb822.man deb-changelog.man deb-changes.man deb-control.man
> -"information. The control tarball may optionally contain an entry for ‘B<.>’, "
> -"the current directory."
> +"information. The control tarball may optionally contain an entry for \\(oqB<."
> +">\\(cq, the current directory."

> Is this correct? The po creation date is wound backwards,
> deb-buildinfo.man has been removed and the file is back to containing
> groff quotes?

Yeah I also noticed it while preparing the new release 1.18.12. And it
was certainly not correct at all. Don't ask me why this happened, as I
have no clue. I just did a normal release process and somehow this got
messed up. :/ I've reverted the changes from that commit and regenerated
the .pot and .po files, and it seemed to be fine now. The missing/fuzzy
also seemed to go back to more normal numbers.

> Yesterday evening I was down to ~30 missing/fuzzy strings, now this is
> ~140 missing strings (and if I rebuild the docs with this file, ~170 missing strings).
> Could you double check if something got broken?

This should, in principle, be fixed already in git master.


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