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dpkg_1.18.11_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable


Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2016 03:09:02 +0100
Source: dpkg
Binary: dpkg libdpkg-dev dpkg-dev libdpkg-perl dselect
Architecture: source
Version: 1.18.11
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Dpkg Developers <debian-dpkg@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org>
 dpkg       - Debian package management system
 dpkg-dev   - Debian package development tools
 dselect    - Debian package management front-end
 libdpkg-dev - Debian package management static library
 libdpkg-perl - Dpkg perl modules
Closes: 138409 787980 833964 834584 835149 838877 839905 840293 841117 842004 842187 842230 842845 843248
 dpkg (1.18.11) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Guillem Jover ]
   * Make dpkg-maintscript-helper conffile commands more robust. Check that
     conffile pathname arguments are absolute paths and verify version number
     to be valid. Thanks to David Kalnischkies <david@kalnischkies.de>.
   * Add support to dpkg-scanpackages for scanning a single binary file.
     Thanks to Javier Serrano Polo <javier@jasp.net>. Closes: #833964
   * Obsolete dpkg-deb bzip2 and lzma compression methods by emitting errors.
   * Remove obsolete dpkg-deb --old and --new options.
   * Remove obsolete dpkg --print-installation-architecture option.
   * Fix dpkg error messages when parsing md5sum files to include the package
     name affected.
   * Do not emit epochs for unambiguous versions in deb-split package header.
     Regression introduced in dpkg 1.18.0.
   * Make the deb-split(5) generation in dpkg-split reproducible, by using the
     timestamp from SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.
   * Generate reproducible file modes for the .deb control member contents.
     Closes: #787980
   * Switch from non-freeing malloc to m_malloc on statdb slurping.
   * Switch from non-freeing malloc to m_malloc for invoke hooks.
   * Always reset the package in-core database when shutting down the package
     database journal.
   * Do not crash if we pass a NULL cip argument to setaction() in libdpkg.
   * Shutdown the package database journal in dpkg --get-selections.
   * Fix (deactivated) dpkg --command-fd to initialize and reset the files
     database on each action.
   * Implement source stanza substvars prefixed with S: in dpkg-gencontrol.
     These auto-generated variables map each source stanza field into an
     output substvar prefixed with “S:”.
   * Make dpkg-source generate reproducible source packages when run
     standalone, by honoring SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.
   * Fix several short-lived memory leaks in update-alternatives.
     Reported by Helmut Grohne <helmut@subdivi.de>.
   * Only set the error context message in libdpkg if it has been formatted
   * Return error in error_context_errmsg_format() only if the error message
     gets truncated. In case we have to use the emergency buffer because the
     previous vasprintf() call failed, we should only return an error code if
     the vsnprintf() call on the emergency buffer truncates the output.
   * Fix free() on uninitialized pointer in error_context_errmsg_format() in
     libdpkg. Regression introduced in dpkg 1.18.7. Closes: #842004
   * Move C++ support code into its own file.
   * Add replacement new and delete array operators to C++ support code.
   * Implement local abi::__cxa_pure_virtual. When using g++ if we provide our
     version of this function we can avoid the dependency on either libstdc++
     or libsup++.
   * Include missing <new> for new and delete operator declarations.
   * Do not log nor print duplicate dpkg removal action. We print
     “Removing <package> (<version>)” lines and log remove action twice
     when purging a package from frontends, because they usually first call
     --remove and then --purge sequentially. When purging a package which is
     already in config-files (i.e. it has been removed before), do not print
     nor log the remove action.
   * Remove default «.» from @INC before loading perl modules in perl code.
     Fixes CVE-2016-1238.
   * Give more information on --set-selections warnings. Closes: #842230
   * Add new DEB_*_ARCH_ABI and DEB_*_ARCH_LIBC variables to dpkg-architecture
     and architecture.mk Makefile fragment.
   * Do substvar instantiation just once in dpkg-gencontrol.
   * Fix dpkg-gencontrol to not update the files list file (debian/files)
     when printing to STDOUT (via -O).
   * Do not add architectures to .changes Architecture field for artifacts
     that are not a .deb or .udeb in dpkg-genchanges.
   * Add support for .buildinfo files:
     - Add new dpkg-genbuildinfo command.
     - Hook it into the dpkg-buildpackage machinery.
     Based on a patch by Jérémy Bobbio <lunar@debian.org>. Closes: #138409
   * Enable dpkg-buildpackage -Jauto by default. Closes: #842845
   * Fix dpkg to not fail when removing non-existent backup files on read-only
     filesystems. Closes: #838877
   * Handle PIE enabled by default in gcc. On achitectures where gcc enables
     them by default, stop setting -fPIE and -pie, and set -fno-PIE and
     -no-pie when disabling «pie» via gcc specs files, so that we do not
     emit them on situations where it would be inappropriate. Closes: #835149
     Based on a patch by Bálint Réczey <balint@balintreczey.hu>.
   * Architecture support:
     - Add support for AIX operating system.
     - Add a version pseudo-field to the arch tables.
     - Internally represent Debian architectures as quadruplets.
   * Portability:
     - Cast off_t variables to intmax_t when printing them with "%jd".
     - Add missing <string.h> include in libdpkg.
     - Cast strlen() return value to ssize_t to match write() return type.
     - Use underscore-prefixed system preprocessor symbols instead of namespace
       polluting ones (such as “linux”, “OPENBSD” or “hpux”).
     - Handle _POSIX_PRIORITY_SCHEDULING being defined to -1 or 0 in
       start-stop-daemon. This affects Mac OS X.
     - On FreeBSD return STATUS_UNKNOWN instead of false in start-stop-daemon
     - Port start-stop-daemon process handling to Mac OS X.
       Based on a patch by Mo McRoberts <mo@nevali.net>.
     - Port start-stop-daemon process handling to AIX.
     - Fix lookup by name on update-alternatives --config. The code was wrong
       and not working at least on Mac OS X, making the test suite to fail.
     - Only use gzip --rsyncable in Dpkg::Compression on Debian and hopefully
       derivatives, by using perl's $Config{cf_by} variable to key on. The
       Debian-specific --rsyncable option should have never been accepted for
       use in dpkg to begin with.
     - Use our own dpkg_ar_hdr struct instead of relying on the system
       ar_hdr struct, as the ar format is not standardized and does vary
       across systems, for example on AIX.
     - Add <sys/sysmacros.h> on AIX for major() and minor().
     - Add missing <errno.h> in libcompat.
     - Include libcompat getopt module when we need getopt_long.
     - Disable gettext support in libcompat getopt module. We do not carry
       translations for this module, and it makes it pull libintl for programs
       that might not use it otherwise.
   * Perl modules:
     - Obsolete Source-Version substvar in Dpkg::Substvars by emitting errors.
     - Rework keyring hooks in Dpkg::Vendor. Deprecate the keyrings hook, and
       add package-keyrings, archive-keyrings and archive-keyrings-historic
       hooks. Prompted by Johannes Schauer <josch@debian.org>.
     - Make the Dpkg::Substavars parse() method return the number of substvars
     - Add new set_field_substvars() method to Dpkg::Substvars.
     - Fix reproducible source package support in Dpkg::Source::Archive, by
       sorting the tar contents with --sort=name.
     - Prefix private Dpkg::Source::Package::* functions with _.
     - Defer filehandle closures in Dpkg::IPC::spawn() to avoid double-close.
       Closes: #839905, #840293
     - Always map the build type to the shortest string form in
     - Change Dpkg::Compression::FileHandle to inherit directly from IO::File
       instead of FileHandle.
     - Add new Dpkg::PROGTAR variable to store GNU tar command name.
     - Add new Dpkg::PROGMAKE variable to store GNU make command name.
     - Add new CTRL_FILE_BUILDINFO type to Dpkg::Control.
     - Add new .buildinfo fields to Dpkg::Control::Fields.
     - Add new builtin-system-build-paths Dpkg::Vendor hook.
     - Cope gracefully with changelogs missing a timestamp trailer.
       Based on a patch by Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk>.
       Regression introduced in dpkg 1.18.8. Closes: #843248
   * Packaging:
     - Add liblocale-gettext-perl to libdpkg-perl Recommends.
     - Wrap and document dependency relationships.
     - Remove obsolete dependency relationships, since Debian oldstable.
     - Remove update-alternatives, dpkg-divert and dpkg-statoverride
       compatibility symlinks, again.
     - Use perl:Depends via dh_perl instead of a hardcoded perl in Depends.
     - Add perl:Depends to dpkg-dev Depends.
     - Remove unused dh_strip from binary_indep target.
     - Remove ancient upgrade code from maintainer scripts (before 1.15.x).
     - Stop compressing the dpkg.deb package with gzip.
     - Move dpkg to be the first binary package stanza in debian/control, as
       debhelper assigns special meaning by considering it the main package.
     - Set MAKEFLAGS to -jN from parallel=N in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.
   * Documentation:
     - Update custom changelog parser API support status in README.api.
     - Fix typos in docs and man pages. Thanks to Jakub Wilk <jwilk@debian.org>
       Closes: #834584
     - Fix formatting in SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH description in dpkg-deb(5).
     - Improve dpkg-deb --build arguments documentation in dpkg-deb(1).
       Prompted by Johannes Schauer <josch@debian.org>.
     - Document the .changes filename that dpkg-buildpackage generates in
       dpkg-buildpackage(1). Prompted by Johannes Schauer <josch@debian.org>.
     - Add basic maintainer script man pages: deb-postinst(5), deb-postrm(5),
       deb-preinst(5) and deb-prerm(5).
     - Add new deb-src-files(5) man page.
       Prompted by Johannes Schauer <josch@debian.org>.
     - Add man page references to other binary control files in dpkg(1).
     - Add version when "new" substvars were introduced in deb-substvars(5).
     - Switch deb-triggers(5) types into a proper list.
     - Itemize --log format entries in dpkg(1).
     - Turn the update-alternatives(1) --query example item into a sub-section.
     - Turn the Multi-Arch values into a list in deb-control(5).
     - Improve user-defined field export marker documentation in
       deb-src-control(5); clarify that X can be followed by zero or more
       (instead of one or more) letters and turn the items into a proper list.
     - Generate the man pages at build time. This makes it possible to process
       them and update several variable strings such as system and package
       pathnames, the release date and the dpkg suite version. And makes it
       possible to use UTF-8 in the source and convert to the more conservative
       groff escape sequences on the output.
     - Switch from groff escape sequences to UTF-8 in man pages sources.
     - Disable hyphenation in man pages globally, because it performs very
       poorly on many technical terms.
     - Append the German man pages addendum at the end of the translation,
       instead of assuming that every page has the SEE ALSO section.
     - Explicitly mention that Dpkg::Checksums::add_from_file() is used to
       verify digests too. Prompted by Johannes Schauer <josch@debian.org>.
     - Document the behavior for consecutive calls to Dpkg perl module parse()
       methods. Prompted by Johannes Schauer <josch@debian.org>.
     - Document obsolete functions in Dpkg::Conf.
   * Test suite:
     - Make test main function a TEST_ENTRY macro. This avoids confusing
       coverage programs, as the file that actually contains the main function
       is the test itself.
     - Rename test suite commands to be prefixed with «c-» instead of «t-».
     - Add new dpkg-source functional tests.
     - Add new dpkg-buildpackage functional tests.
     - Add an initial functional test suite for dpkg-deb and dpkg-split.
     - Skip the involved tests if IO::String is missing.
     - Add new unit test for libdpkg error handling.
     - Delete MAKEFLAGS environment variable when testing make invocations.
     - Pass -q to grep command to suppress matched output in pod-coverage.t.
     - Ignore POD coverage for partially private modules.
   * Build system:
     - Add support for profiling perl modules.
     - Clean up compiler and linker automatic flag usage in configure.
     - Fix the __progname check to avoid the optimizer discarding the symbol.
     - Fix M4sh/Autoconf coding style. Add a new section to coding-style.txt
       describing M4sh/Autoconf.
     - Disable C++ exceptions for dselect.
     - Fix typo in SE Linux library detection code, only affecting static
       mode (not used in Debian). Regression introduced in dpkg 1.18.8.
     - Change --with-* option logic to default to check.
     - Disable -Wtautological-constant-out-of-range-compare (for clang).
     - Check the availability of -W<warning> variant instead of -Wno-<warning>.
       As at least gcc and clang do not warn on -Wno-* warning flags, only
       when some unrelated warning needs to be emitted.
     - Bump po4a version to 0.43 (we are using --porefs wrap option).
     - Add support for running the test suite in parallel.
     - Specify exec argument for TAP::Harness to gracefully handle non-perl
       executables with older versions of the module.
     - Require libselinux 2.0.99 for baseline API, remove static linking
       support, use pkg-config unconditionally, and perform refinement checks
       only if available.
     - Check for the required minimal perl version.
     - Use builddir instead of CURDIR in man Makefile.am.
     - Use cp with -R instead of -r (the former is more portable and not
       marked as deprecated by POSIX).
     - Print an actual newline instead of a literal \n in lcov output.
     - Do not honor DPKG_DATADIR on the installed Dpkg module.
     - Pass --as-needed to the linker for dselect to avoid libstdc++ dependency.
       Which makes of dselect the only front-end not pulling the C++ run-time.
   [ Updated programs translations ]
   * Dutch (Frans Spiesschaert). Closes: #841117
   * German (Sven Joachim).
   [ Updated scripts translations ]
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
   [ Updated man pages translations ]
   * Dutch (Frans Spiesschaert). Closes: #842187
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
 c0006dfb6ea551f7fee12cf5c861e34e1ac3c40f 2000 dpkg_1.18.11.dsc
 1e339b1b5a61d6fc0867c457ebda84bb11d6a8b6 4467908 dpkg_1.18.11.tar.xz
 bed73d87abe1d49487b63697cbccd040a70876c31d31e3cb51530261ba37a6a3 2000 dpkg_1.18.11.dsc
 06df357a9bcc30f84c070fc8a50523ec7197a1ddec44300cf1072fabcaa4156b 4467908 dpkg_1.18.11.tar.xz
 b52c36de9ef0f54a52c5bc77f43e12e4 2000 admin required dpkg_1.18.11.dsc
 913b26386a4afdee1d54a490c73b09ee 4467908 admin required dpkg_1.18.11.tar.xz



Thank you for your contribution to Debian.

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