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Reasons to not use quote signs directly?

Hello Guillem et al,
the dpkg man pages were converted during the recent months from direct
quote signs to groff marcros for the quote signs.

I finally managed to look them up and to think about their German
equivalent (i.e. to construct a mapping which I can use for

When we discussed this on debian-l10n-german, we wondered why you use
the macros like \\(Fo and not simply the unicode character which it
produces? In the processed output it does not matter, in the source
code it is much easier to read and translate e.g.

or what «Fodate -R» generates
or what \\(Fodate -R\\(Fc generates

(I know, I changed that myself because for some reason po4a did not
like the first part which looks like a bug in po4a or some broken
encoding somewhere).

Btw. the German man page project uses (and relies on) UTF-8 for many
years already.

As the outcome of this discussion I will update the quotes in the
German text to the correct ones, either with groff macros or with
direct input.


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