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Re: [PATCH] Support for PAX extended header and Linux extended attributes

Mimi Zohar:
> [...]
> (CC'ing Niels and Andrew)
> Support for including security.ima xattrs in Debian packages (Bug#766267
> ) required debhelper scripts.  With the following two kernel patches,
> GNU tar works without any other changes.  Should we update the original
> request or open a new one for adding pax support instead?
> 05d1a71 ima: add support for creating files using the mknodat syscall
> 42a4c60 ima: fix ima_inode_post_setattr
> thanks,
> Mimi


(Apologies for the delay, I had hoped for an update from the dpkg
maintainers first)

 * Feel free to reuse the existing debhelper bug for updates to the
   debhelper changes.

 * AFAICT, beyond debhelper providing stronger hashes, the PAX method
   would not require any other changes in debhelper.

 * If dpkg (and related parties) are happy with it, I, with my
   debhelper hat on, would be happy with this.
   - Although I have not looked at what this means for other packages
     of mine like Lintian.


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