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Re: Idea: rsync-based source format

On 14040 March 1977, Ian Jackson wrote:
>  Permitted in ftp.d.o                   Y     Y     Y     -    [1]

>  Permitted in ftp.d.o for packages
>  with delta from upstream               -     Y     Y     -    [1]  <===

> [1] I do not expect any resistance from ftpmaster to supporting this
> in dak and ftp.d.o, and permitting it in uploads, modulo the obvious
> need for a transition period.

This will make NEW a tad more complex: For most of us, NEW review
consists of two shells, one of which runs the NEW tool, the other a tmux
with an mc in it. Which allows *fast* and easy browsing of near any kind
of archive (nested ones too), with the left window in mc presenting the
directory tree[1], the right one a quickview of the file contents. I
don't think an rsync batchfile is supported in mc (yet?) and it seems it
can contain any kind of added files directly, so the happiness about
such a format isn't all too high: It will make NEW processing of
packages using it *WAY* more hassle and *WAY* slower.

Besides that it does, on a first glance, sounds ok.

[1] And with a tiny mc hack (adjusted extension foo) from me, the tree
    is layed out in


style, so one doesn't even need to descend, just scroll through the list
of files to see their contents.

bye, Joerg
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