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topic ideas for multiarch session during debconf (was: Re: [Multiarch-devel] dpkg, apt and dose3 do not agree in many synthetic dependency situations involving multiarch)


Quoting Wookey (2015-04-20 14:24:30)
> +++ Johannes Schauer [2015-04-18 23:24 +0200]:
> > when comparing dpkg, apt and dose3 behavior on 7744 synthetic test cases, then
> > they disagree on 43.5% of them.
> > 
> > I wrote a testsuite 
> I propose a multiarch session at debconf for such discussion on the
> off-chance that definitive conclusions have not been reached
> beforehand (or we don't actually agree). I'm hoping that all of you,
> Guillem and David might be in attendance? (as well as others that have
> taken aqn interest in multiarch).

I took the liberty to write a gobby document on gobby.debian.org in the path
debconf15/bof/multiarch which collects some ideas of what to talk about in a
multiarch bof at this years debconf in Heidelberg.

It currently contains all the stuff I could come up with myself and which
popped up on the mailing lists and in the #debian-bootstrap IRC channel.

I'll extend the list once I find some time to go through the results I posted
in my first email in this thread in more detail.

Feel free to extend the document with more items.

cheers, josch

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